VPAC have been involved in planning and implementing a number of successful large scale Wild Deer control projects for Parks Victoria and Local Council across Victoria. We always strive to deliver safe, ethical and productive results through the use of innovative, productive methods and cutting edge technology with a strong focus on safety and clear communications and transparency with our clients and stake holders.

Nillumbik Shire Council Sugarloaf Link Deer Control Project

Excessive Wild Deer numbers in the Nillumbik area has lead to the implementation of the Nillumbik Shire Council Sugarloaf Link Deer Control Project. The aim of this project is to reduce deer numbers in the area through safe and ethical targeted culling of Wild Deer throughout the project area.

Wild Deer have had a huge impact in the Nillumbik area on everything from crop and asset damage to vehicle safety and erosion of local biodiversity. Tackling this problem is no easy task as these animals (specifically Sambar Deer) are hardy, browsing feeding (able to subsist on a large variety of food sources) nomadic and very well acclimatized to Australian bushland. To make things even more difficult, these animals have well established populations in areas where they cannot be easily accessed or controlled. Over the past decade, as suburban developments expand outwards and the Wild Deer populations rise, we have seen increasing sightings of these normally elusive animals into peri-urban and urban areas.

Just take a look at the video below (click the link) taken when driving home from one of our operations in outer Eastern Melbourne. We counted 47 Sambar deer in under 10 minutes and these were just the ones we caught on camera. Imagine the property damage these animals are causing! Sambar Deer count -47

VPAC is currently working with Nillumbik Council and ABZECO to mitigate this Wild Deer problem safely, productively and effectively. Initially we will be working closely with the Council to determine the highest yield areas within the project zone to tackle and develop safe and effective strategies to slowly scale up the project over time and formulate the most productive and effective solutions for removing Wild Deer from the area in large numbers. Where possible, we will be removing these Wild Deer for pet food production.

VPAC staff are professional and well presented and have worked on many private and government projects in the past. VPAC holds a current Victorian Field Harvesters licence and has a Game Meat Harvesting Vehicle for transport of Deer Carcasses to a licensed production facility. All our staff have extensive training and hold current Victorian firearms licenses, permits for suppressor usage and qualifications in humane destruction of pest animals and commercial wild game harvesting. We use the most advanced equipment and methods available to safely and ethically dispatch Wild Deer instantly with no suffering.

The plan at this stage is to:
  • Develop an Operational Plan detailing areas for deer control works, including likely methods in different locations or terrain areas
  • Select 10 initial properties over the project area which are likely to have high deer density and ease of access for shooting and retrieval
  • Undertake site surveys to determine access points, hazards, deer presence and safe control areas.
  • Prepare a Shoot Plan for every property or group of properties where works are planned to occur. These plans will have to be approved by Victoria Police before works can commence.
  • Notify landholders and neighbors of planned shoot periods
  • Begin control program works
  • Assess success of approach, refine if required, then extend the works.

If you have any questions at all regarding the Nillumbik Shire Council Sugarloaf Link Deer Control Project, or want to know if you are within the area and eligible for assistance, please contact us via phone or email and we will help you determine your eligibility.

Click here to see more info on the Nillumbik Shire Council website

Parks Victoria Deer Control Projects

VPAC has been involved in several large scale deer control projects for Parks Victoria in areas across Victoria. These projects have all been successfully implemented with favorable results.

Should you require more information about these projects please contact us.