At Victorian Pest Animal Control we are the experts in vertebrate pest animal control in rural, semi rural and high density areas.

We understand how destructive pest animals can impact your property and lively hood and we are dedicated to using our experience to help you develop a realistic plan to control pest animals on your land. We use our experience and the latest technology to help us achieve a timely, low impact result, that is safe, economical and most important, ethical.

Our friendly staff have worked on many properties and have many years experience in the control and management of pest animals on rural and semi rural sites. We pride ourselves on our professional attitudes and our ethical, low impact approach to pest control.

If you have a pest animal problem please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote. We will organize a date and time to visit you and your property where we will asses the viability of managing the problem, as well as the costs involved. We will spend some time on the ground to develop a sensible plan, as well as determine whether any permits are required for completion of the job. It's important to remember that our first visit is cost free and obligation free. If we cannot build a viable plan, or if we cannot complete the job due to rejection of wildlife control permits, there is NO CHARGE and NO OBLIGATION.

Please contact us today for an obligation free quote and property assessment

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